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Gtptc is a Digital Advertising Business with Shares,
Advertisers Spend money, Members Get Money

Gtptc is a medium between Advertisers & Members, Giving Traffic to Advertisers and Money to Members

Members Just need to Click Ads Placed by Advertisers and earn more by buying Get Dollar Shares, Upgrading membership

Free to Register & Standard Membership for Life time
We are Trusted and Instant Paying.

Gtptc have Great Features.

PTC (Paid to Click)

Get Traffic - Free Traffic

Get Dollar - Profit Share

Get Referrals

So, Why are you waiting for? Start Your earnings now!


In Gtptc, you can earn money by Different Steps

Step 1 : Click ads Daily to earn money, Click value based on your Membership, you can earn $0.0005 - $0.50 per each Click,
and you must get 4 Fixed ads daily, with Click value $0.005 - $0.50 based on your Membership

Step 2 :Buy Shares and Get Daily Profits with out doing any thing, Get 104% profit per each 30 days, You can take your Profit at any time, even Next minute also

Step 3 : Get Direct Referrals to earn more, Earn $0.001 instantly Per each Click on Fixed Ads made by Your Referral under you, Earnings based on how many clicks made by your Referrals

Step 4 : Publish Ads on your Website,Blog, Earn $0.00001 per each Unique view

Step 5 : Gtptc Blog is for all updates and discussion about Gtptc, Share new ideas, discussion about Gtptc and etc

Do these 5 Steps Daily, and Upgrade your membership, you will Get Good Profits and Promote your Business with in Budget

After Login Go to Click Ads, Just click on the advertiser's advertisement and view it during the amount of time specified by the advertiser.
After viewing the advertisement, you will get credited with a pre-determined amount of money($0.0005 to $0.50) in your account.

After Login Go to Upgrade, here you can find different type of upgrade packs, Select pack on your Business paln and Budget,
Then Click Upgrade
Here is the detail about Upgrade packs List, Look at here

FreeLife time
4 Fixed Ads Daily
$0.005 Per Click
200 Referrals
$0.0002 Per DR Click
Auto Traffic : No
$2 Min Cash out
Next withdraw 7 days
Instant Payments
Start Earnings
4 Fixed Ads Daily
$0.50 Per Click
2000 Referrals
$0.0002 Per DR Click
Auto Traffic : Yes
$2 Min Cash out
Next withdraw 7 days
Instant Payments

Publish Ads means, Members Earn money by Publishing Gtptc Ads in their websites, blog
Publish Ads for members who have Own website, blog,
Place our Ad Code in your Website then Get money.
Per each Unique view you will earn $0.00001, Profit will be credited to Main balance per each Unique view,

How Gtptc is different with other sites to Publish Ads ?
Gtptc is also follow same rules to Publish Ads like other Sites
But we are Totally different in Sharing Profits, We give Profit per each Unique view, per each Unique view we will give $0.00001,
not like other sites, Gtptc doesn't made any rule about minimum required views or clicks,
In Gtptc by Publishing Ads, you will earn by Unique views only

How to Get & Place Ad code?
Once you login to Gtptc Account, Go to Publish Ads
Then in Publish Ads Account page, you can find your Ad code in Textbox,
Copy that Ad code, and Place it in your Website, blog pages,

Once you Placed that Ad code in your website page,
Gtptc will start Rotating ads on that page when you Get visits to that page where you Placed the Ad code
*Note : Don't change Ad code and don't place more than One Ad code in same Page of your website,Blog

Publish Ads Now

Get Dollar is a Special Share system from Gtptc, Members can Get Profit daily
Per each Dollar Pack you will earn 104% Profit per each 30 days,
Profit will be credited daily and you can take your Profit at any time, even Next minute also after your Dollar pack Purchase,
but profit will credited up on Complete day, it means need to complete at least 24 hours,
How much time your Dollar pack active, that much Profit you will get, it's your Business Idea,
Purchase Get Dollar pack Now

Get Traffic means free Traffic Exchange
In Gtptc, Get Traffic available with different options :
Surf Manual Traffic for Credits
Surf Auto Traffic for Credits
Surf Manual Traffic for Money
Just Place your Traffic Ad now, Get Traffic Ad
Member Can earn Credits, Money by Surfing Get Traffic ads
We will Give upto 2 Get Traffic Credits per each Exchange based on Ad Timer 5Sec - 10Sec
If you want earn money instead of Credits,
we will Give upto $0.01 per each view by taking 100 - 200 Get Traffic Credits from you based on Ad timer
Go to Get Traffic Now

Referrals are users like you who are registered in Gtptc.
There are two types of referrals:
Direct Referrals: These users registered using your username as their referrer.
Rented Referrals: These users registered without a referrer.
Gtptc Don't have RR system now, Only DR allowed
Get Referrals

How exactly do I get paid by Direct Referrals?

The amount we pay you depends on a few different factors.

  • Earn $0.04 Per each New member joined under you, and also Earn $0.0002 Per each Referral Click on Standard Ads

  • 1. Get $0.0002 to main Balance Instantly per each Standard ads Click made by Referral Joined under you,
    You Earnings based on Click value and how many clicks made by your Referrals
    2. Your Referral Click value is Exactly $0.0002 when click on Standard ads in Click Ads,
    Go to My Referrals
    *Note : Gtptc will Check all Referrals to find spam activity like joined members is Real members or bots,
    if Referrals who joined under you is not real members or doesn't click any ads(at least 10 ads),
    you will loss those Referrals Bonus($0.04), other earnings not effected,
    and also you may be suspended if we find huge spam activity

    You can Cash out your money by Paypal or Bank Payment,
    Bank Payments only available for Indian members, Indian Users Paid by Direct Bank Transfer - NEFT or RTGS
    Minimum Payout : $2

    Cash out now
    After you request your payment,you'll receive it with in 1-7 days by Paypal, Bank Transfer.
    unless some kind of technical difficulty or Holidays is encountered during the process.

    Go to "Add Funds" and you can Add amount by Clicking Paypal Button.
    *Indian Members can't Add funds by Paypal, they can Transfer funds from Bank or Credit/Debit card Transfer,
    Conatct us for more
    After Transfer Conatct Admin, Then we manually Updated those Funds to your Gtptc Account

    Yes, any one is allowed in household
    But to earn money from Click ads, you need to have different internet connections.
    Don't login at school, work or by using some kind of Proxy or VPN for click ads,
    because usually the IP is the same for every Internet user and the computers may be accessed by other accounts.

    Gtptc Updates